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“Development Finance Training and Consulting has provided training and workshop services to the Texas Economic Development Council and other economic development organizations in Texas for the last ten years. DFTC’s workshops have been a valuable component of our educational program efforts. The evaluations that we have received from our members about DFTC’s training programs have always been excellent. We look forward to a long and continued partnership with DFTC in the future.”
Carleton Schwab
Executive Director
Texas Economic Development Council

“We have used DFTC as a faculty member of the Center for Financial Training Western States (CFTWS) for over 7 years. Its staff has taught a variety of lending-related programs for the organization, and has consistently received excellent evaluations from our attendees. DFTC continues to be among CFTWS’ most well respected instructors, as a result of the knowledge and expertise it brings to our training.”
Christine Bumgardner
President & CEO

“Thanks to DFTC for all you do helping us with our training needs in Tennessee. Your insight and knowledge not only helps our membership better understand their functions and roles within their organizations, but this ultimately leads them to be able to better serve their customers and communities. A big "Thank You"! I look forward to working with you again.”

Debbie Brickles
Vice President
Director of Training and Development Tennessee Bankers Association

“In February of 2009, DFTC came to the great state of Nebraska to provide Business Credit Analysis training for the Department of Economic Development’s Business Development staff. Attendees ran the gamut from those with more financial background experience to relatively green, newly hired staff with little such background. In spite of the differences in knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, the presenter was able to keep the attention of participants. This was done while making the material more easily understandable for those who struggled. Having personally attended other trainings on this subject, I would recommend DFTC as a trainer of choice. They’ve proven that they can be flexible in customizing programs to the needs of specific clients which translates into better and more cost effective training.

At the conclusion of the training, the attendees were unanimous in recommending that DFTC would be a good fit to offer the Business Credit Analysis training to community economic developers across the state.”
Linda Black
Business Development Division
Nebraska Department of Economic Development

“Development Finance Training and Consulting (DFTC) has been providing professional credit analysis and other training programs for our company for over 15 years. DFTC staff’s knowledge, expertise and experience in business and personal credit analysis, structuring commercial loan packages, small business lending, and other topics continually impress our clients. Our financial services lenders, credit analysts and branch managers keep coming back for more of DFTC’s training programs.”
Tanya Kolonoski
Executive Director
Northern New England Center for Financial Training

"Development Finance Training and Consulting's (DFTC) services to the Greater Portland Council of Government (GPCOG) have been a real asset for the last eight years. As a small business loan provider, we needed expertise in analyzing loan requests and structuring loan packages for GPCOG's Revolving Loan Fund. DFTC has provided GPCOG with that expertise and has been successful in interacting with traditional lenders in the Southern Maine area as well as private non-profit providers of capital. Additionally, DFTC has shown real communications skills in presenting information to and interacting with our Loan Committee, which includes a diverse cross-section of individuals representing business and community interests in our service area. I would highly recommend DFTC's consulting services to other organizations whose economic development mission includes the management of revolving loan funds."
Neal Allen
Executive Director

What We Do

Development Finance Training and Consulting Inc. (DFTC) was established to assist lending organizations and lending professionals who strive to improve their performance in today's competitive lending environment. DFTC provides the assistance you and your organization need by coupling practical real world experience with essential services.


DFTC...a leader in consulting and training services for community lenders.




In addition to its training programs, DFTC also offers a full range of consulting services to its community lending clients. DFTC staff has experience of over 50 years in lending money to businesses and managing loan portfolios and commercial lending relationships. From developing loan policies and procedures to providing underwriting and portfolio review services, DFTC's staff can assist you in all aspects of the commercial lending process.


The consulting engagements that DFTC has completed vary greatly, both in terms of content and type of clients. From a 2.1 billion dollar New York financial institution needing a review of procedures and operational protocol in their commercial lending area to assisting a Community Action Program in the State of Maine obtain US Department of the Treasury designation as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI), DFTC has the experience and staff to address and resolve a broad range of financial needs.


In all its consulting engagements, DFTC strives to provide customized solutions to meet its clients' needs. We will utilize our expertise as community lenders to assist you in providing the best, most efficient and cost effective services to your customers, members, and stakeholders.




DFTC offers financial training services to financial institutions and economic development organizations. We train at the sponsoring organization's location of choice using a customized curriculum designed specifically for your business. Our courses cover a wide range of financial topics including: basic accounting principles, financial statement analysis, risk assessment, structuring financing packages, preparing credit memorandums, and much more.


DFTC has earned the reputation of being a leader in training and consulting services. Our primary customers are community lenders in the banking, credit union, and economic development sectors.


With our extensive experience in the financial services industry, DFTC knows what it takes to effectively develop and increase financial management skills. The real world experience of DFTC's financial experts provides an unsurpassed learning opportunity. With experience as commercial lenders, entrepreneurial business owners and business consultants, our perspective brings each subject matter alive by using real-life examples. Our teaching style also creates a relaxed environment that fosters interactive participation and empowers students to take control of their own learning.



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