What We Do


Development Finance Training and Consulting Inc. (DFTC) was established to assist lending organizations and lending professionals who strive to improve their performance in today’s competitive lending environment. DFTC provides the assistance you and your organization need by coupling practical real world experience with essential services.


DFTC…a leader in consulting and training services for community lenders.


At DFTC, we strive to be the best at what we do!! Our years of experience speak for themselves and we utilize that experience to assist your organization in improving its job performance. Our goal is to help you grow, by providing you the tools to accomplish your business objectives.

Why Choose Us?


Here are just some of the reasons that so many small business lenders have turned to DFTC.


DFTC will customize its services to meet your needs. At DFTC, we don’t expect you to always require one of our existing products. Instead, we will work with you to design a customized solution that allows you to receive the training or consulting services that are specific to your organization’s requirements.


DFTC prices its services reasonably. We understand the financial constraints that community lenders face and will do whatever we can to meet your needs within your budget constraints.


Repeat business is a good indicator of customer satisfaction. DFTC is proud to point to its client list, which includes organizations that have been our clients and customers since our business was first established.


Banks, credit unions, and economic development organizations hire DFTC because we produce results. Improvements in lender skills, better performing loan portfolios, and more satisfied regulators are just three of the tangible results that you will achieve after you utilize DFTC’s services.