Joe Hyatt – Senior Commercial Credit Analyst


Joe Hyatt is a senior credit analyst with over 10 years’ experience as an accountant, a senior commercial lender, commercial credit analyst and a sales/business development officer. He has worked in a number of financial institutions and industries in the private sector. Joe’s broad spectrum of experience provides a unique blend of skilled credit analysis and business relationship development acumen.

Over the course of Mr. Hyatt’s career, he has managed sizable commercial loan portfolios and has underwritten in excess of half a billion dollars in C&I and CRE loans. In recent years, he has spearheaded the startup and growth of commercial lending operations and subsequent portfolio management for financial institutions. His scope of knowledge spans all facets of commercial loan policy, regulatory compliance, commercial loan types and structures, and the intricacies of commercial loan origination. His experience enables Mr. Hyatt to provide “real world” solutions for the challenges faced by front line commercial lenders. His accounting background and commercial underwriting certifications give Mr. Hyatt a robust understanding of financial data, financial reporting, and financial analysis.

Mr. Hyatt is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery with a BS in accounting and has obtained two certifications for Business Lending Credit Analysis from the Credit Union National Association. In April of 2011, Mr. Hyatt joined DFTC, Inc. as an owner and as its Senior Commercial Credit Analyst.