SBA Lending

For United States Small Business Administration property transactions, LCS combines flexibility with affordability without sacrificing the requisite level of due diligence.

Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA)

This service utilizes the EAQuick Loan Check report for SBA loans over $150,000 with no NAICS code match for current of past property use.

Transaction Screen Report

This service utilizes the ASTM 1528-14 report for SBA loans with no NAICS code match for current or past property use where the loan officer wants a site inspection completed by a qualified environmental field inspector.

ASTM Phase I

This service utilizes the ASTM ESA ASTM 1527-13 for SBA loans that have a NAICS code match identified as high risk property use types per the SBA.

Phase II

This service utilizes the ASTM Phase II ASTM 1903-97.

Special Use Facilities

This service utilizes lead-based paint and lead in water assessments combined with an RSRA or Phase I site assessment.

Construction Plan Review and Monitoring

Our Plan, Specification and Cost Review (PSCR) with periodic inspections based on schedule and lender requirements. Service features:
  • Monitoring conducted by experienced construction professionals
  • Verification of contractor payment requests via AIA schedule of values
  • Review of lien waivers and change orders if requested by client


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